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Planning Your Bell Tent Village

There's so much to think about on the run up to your event so we’ve put together our top tips for planning your bell tent village right here! Whether it's a wedding, big party, corporate event or you're thinking about long term hire, we want to make booking bell tents with us as easy as possible so this guide will help plan your glamping village

1.      Space - Make sure there’s enough space at your venue for the tents booked. A 5 metre tent needs a circular space of 7 metres and a 4 metre tent requires a 6 metre space. Our Emperor Tent needs at least 7m x 5m of space. This is to give room for the guy lines so we can ensure your tents are properly pitched and looking perfect. If you think you might be tight on room, just chat to us and we'll see what we can do! If you've booked tents at a venue, we may have worked there before and can advise on how many tents you can fit and how's best to set them up.

2.     Access -   Ensure there is access for a large van. We need to be able to drive up to the set-up area as our equipment is large and heavy. We drive a long wheel-based van which is about the size of a large delivery van. Ensure any gates are unlocked for our arrival so that we can crack on with getting the tents set-up. Let us know about any tight entrances, restricted access or parts of the access that can become boggy during and after bad weather.

 3.    Formation -  Think about how you want the tents set up; whether it’s straight rows, on a curve or in a circle, we can set up your tents in any way you’d like (as long as there’s room). A key thing to think about is making sure there's a pathway (with no guy lines crossing it) through the tents where guests can walk to the toilet. Have a think about how you want photos to look and which way you’d like the doors facing. Unzipping your tent to an incredible view makes great memories! If you're not sure, we're always happy to advise on the best way and if it's a venue we work at regularly there's often a tried and tested formation that works really well.

Tents in a curve

Tents in a 'U' shape

Tents in curved rows
Tents in straight lines

4.     Position - When thinking about where the tents will go, just be aware we can’t pitch under trees due to the damage from bird poo and tree sap. We also can't pitch on a steep hill. If your venue has a slope we can pitch our bell tents on it but think about the sleeping position for your guests inside, we always make sure the pillows are up slope to make the sleeping position more comfortable.

5.      Tent Planner - Use our tent planner to let us know what bed set up you’d like in each tent (doubles/singles) so we can make sure they’re all set up correctly for your guests. If you have guests in separate tents that need to be next each other, it's good to let us know on your tent planner. Some of our customers want guests in specific tents within their formation and others don't mind so we just assign them on site.

6.      The Honeymoon Tent - If you've booked glamping tents for your wedding and are having a honeymoon bell have a think where you want to be. Some of our couples want to be front and central, others want to be off to one side, some want to be closest to the loo and others want to overlook a gorgeous view. Feel free to mark it out on your tent planner or just let us know when we arrive!

We hope this helps with planning your bell tent village but if you have any questions we're always on hand, just give us a call on 07999 979513.

North Sky Yurts create beautiful bell tent villages for weddings, festivals and parties across Yorkshire. We offer a wide range of tent sizes and all our packages include everything you and your guests need for a night under the stars.

Take a look at the packages we offer here.

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