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Green Leaves

our sustainability mission

We provide magical spaces for events that don't cost the earth. Literally.

We all have a duty to protect the environment and reduce our emissions. We want to provide space that allows our customers to host incredible events without the negative impact.

The events industry is known for it's use of single use materials, lots of waste created and moving lots of people around.

We're demonstrating how you can reduce your impact by:

Going local - We had our yurts built in Yorkshire and we always prioritise working with local suppliers and partners.

Recycle, reclaim and reuse - Where possible we will follow the 3R's and encourage our customer's to do the same.

Long life - We choose things that will last a long time and for lots of events. Some events companies use single use flooring, we have chosen Dandydura a flooring that will last years as it's durable and can be washed. Our bell tents are made from high quality canvas which is built to last.

No single use plastics - Cable ties are useful for yurt events but we've opted to use velcro instead so we can keep re-using it.

Reduce emissions - Our goal is to also transport our yurts and bell tents in an electric vehicle; however until then we are offsetting our emissions with More Trees! We also prioritise local events to keep our travel miles low.

Take a look at our Environmental Policy by clicking the link below


For every booking we plant a tree with our partner More Trees to reduce the carbon footprint of each event.

Reforestation is vital to reversing climate change, protecting animals, encouraging diversity and supporting communities.

Each customer will get a certificate from More Trees to say where there tree has been planted.

Becca and Charlotte with Van


We like to work with customers hosting events in Yorkshire to reduce emissions.

However, if your event promotes sustainability and is a bit further afield, please still get in touch.


From using reusable velcro cable ties to our uniform made from recycled plastic bottles, we always make sustainability our priority.

We try to source all our styling second hand to give it a new lease of life and make sure we buy responsibly where we need to buy new.

We also use a hard wearing canvas and flooring which can be used again and again for years to come.

Sustainable Table Setting for a Wedding

making your event more sustainable 

Choose somewhere nearby to put the yurt. Travelling further afield equals more emissions and more travelling for all your guests.


Ditch the plastic in party favours (that never get used!) and opt for bee bombs or seeds. Your guests can take them home to plant - giving the bees a great place to hang out and providing a lasting memory of the great time they had!


Hire crockery or use compostable plates and cups. Although disposable plates and cups are easy to clean up, they are not always recycled in the way they were intended. If you hire your crockery you can match it to your theme and style.


Make sure all rubbish is cleared up afterwards. This is the bit nobody enjoys but it’s necessary to make sure that we leave nothing behind.


Get your guests to lift share or use public transport. Equally you could reduce the number of guests and have an intimate celebration. 


Hire décor items. Buying décor for your event means it’s likely to just be used once. Hiring decor also allows you go to go bigger and bolder.


Choose suppliers who are local, sustainable and ethical.


Consider a plant based menu for your party food

We have lots more tips and often share them on our Instagram!

Sustainable Table Flowers for Wedding
Blue and White Table Setting for Wedding
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