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Fancy hosting a festival yurt party in your back garden...?

After being cooped up for so long, we're all dreaming of what we can do when we're free again! Reuniting with friends and family is going to be top of most people's lists so why not throw a garden party to get everyone back together? Although, not just any garden party - a yurt festival party!

We wanted to showcase how our yurt would look dressed for a party - whether it's for a birthday, a hen party, an anniversary party or any excuse for a knees up. We got in touch with some great local suppliers from Leeds to pull together a festival themed yurt party for you to feast your eyes on...

We wanted to showcase something you haven't seen in a yurt before which led us to work with Kathryn at Streamadelica and her incredible streamers. They really transformed the space and paired with a disco ball really made us want to dance. Streamers were draped from the roof of the yurt and created a space worth celebrating in! They can be totally customised to your own colour scheme and length to fit the theme you're going for.

To complete the look and provide a striking feature, we worked with Chris at I Do Hire as we love their neon signs. A great way to add colour to your day and provide that 'Insta' backdrop. They're colour changing and can even change to the beat of your music. I Do Hire have a few different signs, so you can choose the ones that suit you and your party the most. With the year ahead looking brighter, we thought that 'Let the adventure begin' worked really well for how we see wild adventure with lots of twists and turns.

Neon 'let the adventure begin' sign with streamers in a yurt
Let the Adventure Begin for North Sky Yurts | Photo Credit: Hannah Brooke Photography

Although we styled this shoot around a garden party - this decor would work so well for a festival wedding for you to completely transform your party reception! If you've hired both of our yurts for your wedding day, you could keep the 18ft yurt separate as a party bar.

This shoot was also an opportunity to showcase our yurt bar - made from reclaimed pallet wood and scaffold boards. It takes centre stage in the yurt and is the perfect place to serve or be served cocktails. The latter works better for us!

Streamers and disco ball in yurt with yurt bar
Festival Yurt Bar | North Sky Yurts | Photo Credit: Hannah Brooke Photography

Our yurt bar can be hired with our yurts for any occasion, along with our other extras like festoon lights and trestle tables. It has a built in bottle opener and shelves to store your glasses on or if you're worried about them getting smashed, you could opt for some compostable cups.

A dry hire bar is the perfect way to personalise your event from dressing the bar up with plants, bunting or neon, to having you're very own cocktail menu serving your faves (mine's a Bramble thanks). You can leave garnishes out for your guests to accessorize their own cocktails or live out your best mixologist fantasy behind the bar with your cocktail shaker.

Cocktail menu for yurt bar
Festival Cocktail Menu | North Sky Yurts | Photo Credit: Hannah Brooke Photography

To complete our styled shoot, the lovely Hannah Brooke came to photograph our yurt for us and was able to capture the essence of the shoot perfectly. Not only that but she was also happy to capture us, whilst letting us sip rose in between shots. It's so important to choose a photographer who can pick up on the important elements of your event and put everyone at ease and for them to not feel like they're being observed. If you are hosting a birthday, it's worth considering a photographer even if it's for a couple of hours to get those treasured shots that you can look back on.

Becca and Charlotte from North Sky Yurts
Becca & Charlotte from North Sky Yurts | Photo Credit: Hannah Brooke Photography

Other key things to consider when throwing your festival garden party are:

- Music - Are you going to remix you're own playlist and blast it from some speakers? Are you going to have a band or if you're musically inclined play a tune yourself? Or are you going to really pull it out the bag and have karaoke?

- Power - If you're wanting neon signs, a fridge for your bar and speakers for your modern day mixtape then you'll need to think how you'll get power to your yurt. We can supply an outdoor extension cable with two plugs which is suitable for most garden parties.

- Seating - do you want seating at your party? Are you thinking of a couple of tables and bean bags to relax on? Or do you want your guests to party all night?

- Food - Getting food at a festival often consists of grabbing a burger from the van or trying to warm your tin of beans over your tiny camp stove. This might be the part of a festival you're ok to leave behind! Think about a grazing platter or we all know everybody loves crisps and dip. If you're hosting a festival wedding or bigger party, there are so many amazing options for street food vans serving snacks like stone baked pizza!

- Outfits - we 100% recommend getting into the mood by enforcing a festival dress code - think glitter (eco friendly of course), wellies, head dresses, maybe ask Streamadelica if you can wear some of her streamers...

The perfect way to make up for missing all your fave festivals last year and be reunited with your friends this summer!

We still have some availability this summer so get in touch!

Festival Yurt Bar with neon and streamers
Festival Yurt Bar | North Sky Yurts | Photo Credit: Hannah Brooke Photography


Yurt & Styling - North Sky Yurts

Streamers & Disco Ball - Streamadelica

Neon Signs - I Do Hire

Thanks for reading and as always we'd love it if you could like, share and spread the word! Drop us a comment below with what you're most looking forward to this summer.

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