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Free Hen Party Games

Looking for some hen party games that don’t cost any money? There are loads of games which require little more than a pen and paper and we’ve listed our faves below.

Mr and Mrs/Mrs and Mrs

A classic hen party game! Record the groom/bride answering questions about the bride and play their answers to the bride after she's given her answer - get it on video for extra laughs.

Two Truths and a Lie

A great game to help everyone get to know each other. Everyone comes up with two truths and a lie about themselves. The rest of the group have to ask questions to figure out which is the lie. Make it harder by asking questions which only have yes or no answers!

Guess Who?

A hilarious spin on the well-loved board game. Everyone puts a funny or embarrassing memory on a piece of paper into a hat and the group guess who it’s about. If you want to focus on the bride, ask everyone for their memories which include the bride and guess who else was part of it.

How Old Were They?

Gather pictures of the couple from different ages and get the group to guess how old they were.

Never Have I Ever

One I’m sure we all remember the rules to! Incase you need a refresher, go round the group and everyone says something they’ve never done. This can be anything from embarrassing, hilarious or risqué and anyone who has done it takes a sip of their drink. Add extra fun by making those who have done it complete a Truth or Dare.

Words of Wisdom

And finally, a wholesome game which is great on the morning before you all go on your way after an amazing weekend. Everyone writes a piece of advice (anonymously) for the couple and puts it in a hat. Read them to the bride and she can guess who said it. A nice one for the mother of the bride and in laws!


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