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How to host an eco-conscious event

Did you know that 2 in 5 couples planning their wedding in the next 5 years want to make having a greener wedding a top priority (NLWA, 2021)

Events can be a big source of waste from lots of single use plastics, excessive food that gets put in the bin and lots of things purchased which are only used on the day.

We, like you, want your next birthday party, wedding, or business event to be kind to our planet. Our large yurts are a perfect option to make your event more sustainable as they were made in Yorkshire, they don't leave a trace when we take them down and they're full of natural light which saves on those electricity bills. We’ve also made some smarter fixes to limit our impact, like switching from plastic cable ties to reusable velcro strips when hanging lights and decorations in yurts. On top of that, we even plant a tree for every booking! Read more about our sustainability values here.

Foraged greenery for a sustainable yurt wedding. Florist - Rose Cottage Barn. Photo By Lumiere Photographic.

Here are our top tips to make sure your big bash doesn’t cost the Earth.

1. Stay Local

At North Sky Yurts, we prioritise local events within 50 miles of our base to ensure our yurts don’t need to travel far. If you don’t yet have a site in mind, we’d love to set you up with our Site Finding Service to find your perfect location! We also work with lots of amazing local suppliers from florists to caterers and can share our recommendations (see our Friends page). Using local businesses reduces your event miles a lot and it also helps the local economy.

Local can also mean using things made or grown in the UK rather than abroad as well, for example flowers, there are lots of gorgeous British grown flowers that would look beautiful as table decor or in any bouquet.

2. Go Plant Based!

Due to the impacts of meat farming on the environment, lots of people are now opting for a plant based diet. Why not make the catering at your event fully plant based? You could even take it a step further by opting for seasonal fruits and veggies to reduce food miles for importing food grown overseas.

3. Sustainable Decorations

Sustainable doesn’t mean boring! It is super easy to hire décor options from local suppliers, whether that be table centre pieces or garlands to wrap around your yurt. Whilst it might be tempting to buy décor items, you’re likely to only use them once. Hiring is a great option to find more innovative styles and support local creative businesses! For more inspiration, take a look at our Instagram or blog with Charlotte’s Floral Design for sustainable wedding flower ideas.

Once your event is sadly over, why don’t you offer someone else to reuse your decor to keep the magic alive!

Festival yurt wedding with re-usable decor. Photo By Scott Carney.

4. A Load Of Rubbish!

Whilst it might not be the most glamorous part of event planning, waste management is essential to limiting your environmental impact. Start by ensuring that where you are buying decorations or supplies, they are recyclable or bio-degradable. Why not try paperless e-invitations to limit your waste before your event? And have recycling facilities available to encourage your guests to think responsibly too!

It’s a good idea to think about your food waste- a huge problem in landfills creating methane gas (which is 25x worse than CO2 for greenhouse emissions!). Did you know a tenth of food at an event ends up in the bin which is the equivalent of a £500 bill (NWLA, 2021). Try to plan ahead how much food will be required for your guests and communicate with your suppliers to limit the chances of good food being thrown out. Send your guests home with yummy party favours or donate the extra food!

5. Choose Sustainable Suppliers & Venues

We work with lots of amazing suppliers who consider their environmental impact (check out our Friends page). Whether it's florists who aim to use only British grown flowers, venues who introduce sustainable land management practices, stationery designers who use recycled paper or stylists who use reclaimed props - they can guide you on how to make that aspect of your event sustainable.

Boho yurt wedding with sustainable suppliers. Photo By Lumiere Photographic

Here at North Sky Yurts, we pride ourselves on ensuring your event leaves both your guests and our planet happy, so you can have a magical night without the negative environmental impact. If you need any help planning your next sustainable event, please get in touch!

For further information about our commitment to the planet, take a look at our Environmental Policy here.

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