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Planning a Festival Hen Party

Are you surprising your hen with her very own hen fest? If you’ve got a bride who loves the outdoors, glamping and festivals then you’re in the right place!

A glamping hen party is the perfect way to celebrate without compromising on comfort and luxury!

Here are the important things to consider when planning a festival hen weekend:

1. The Date - first things first! Deciding on the date makes it easier for you to decide where to go and gives you a solid idea on your numbers. When looking for glamping, the summer months are a good option. Birds and Bells runs from April to September when the weather is at its best. We have areas for group sizes of 12 to 20.

2. Your Budget – Make sure you decide on a budget for the full weekend. This can take a bit of time to gather together if you’re booking lots of different activities but will reduce dropouts at a later date as everyone knows what they’re signing up to.

At Birds and Bells the silent disco, games and a BBQ are all included in your package so it reduces your extra planning time! We are completely transparent with pricing which makes it easier when telling your group the weekend cost. Check out our pricing and packaging here.

3. Booking Deposit - After you’ve decided on a budget, collect a deposit from all the guests. We only take a £50pp deposit to book Birds and Bells and the remaining isn’t due until one month before you arrive. Having your deposits ready before booking means you can move quickly to get the date you want! Check out our availability here.

4. Bank Account - Open a bank account to separate all the hen party spending. It also makes it easier for people to pay in their money when it's due and doesn’t get mixed in with your personal spending. This also makes it easier to keep an eye on shopping costs in the weeks before when you're buying in supplies.

5. Decision Making - Don’t put every small decision to the group. It’s best to pair up with another one of the hens and make decisions for the group. We all know what it’s like when the group chat gets flooded with messages and you can’t keep up! Make it easy for yourselves and the group by deciding on the little things yourself with the bride in mind. It's easy to get distracted from the brides preferences when everyone is sharing their opinions and ideas.

6. Deadlines - Give clear deadlines to the group. It’s so much easier when everyone has a date to work to and allows people to budget for upcoming payments. It's also a good idea to give everyone a little reminder a week before deadline for those that have forgotten.

7. Food - Don’t forget to arrange food! This has the potential to make or break a weekend as no one likes to go hungry. Get everyone to send a bit to the bank account you set up and do a food shop which gets delivered directly to Birds and Bells. You can also book pizza vans and mobile bars to make sure everyone is fed and watered all weekend. Don’t fancy BBQ’ing yourself? Get a BBQ chef in to do it for you!

8. Activity Cramming - Don’t arrange too many activities. The best bit about a hen do is coming home with a load of new friends. Give people down time to get to know each other and relax during the weekend. Too many activities can leave you feeling exhausted, less is definitely more! Take a look at our sample Birds and Bells Itinerary here.

9. Packing List - Let the group know what they need to bring so that everyone is prepared. We provide a list of things you'll need for a weekend at Birds & Bells in our planning pack which you can share with everyone. This is especially important if it's all a surprise for the Bride - she'll definitely needs a heads up on what to pack.

10. Enjoy - It sounds cliche but whether it's your own hen party or your planning it for a friend, make sure you don't give yourself too much to do during the weekend so you can relax and spend time with everyone. You don't want to be running around cooking/ setting up activities/ booking taxis whilst everyone else is having an amazing time so pre-plan as much as you can and get the other hen's to chip in. Many hands make light work!

If you're looking for somewhere to host a glamping hen party in Yorkshire, check out our pop-up glamping sites at Birds & Bells.

Available for groups of 12 to 20 (or more), sleeping in luxury bell tents with a large yurt for gathering. There are cubicle toilets, showers and wash up areas with power, water and appliances. The sites also include lots of extras from Silent Discos to board games and a BBQ! Open from April to September 2024. Get in touch to book now.

We also have a new pop-up site for 2024, Wild Bells, a lakeside glamping village with bell tents and a large emperor tent for gathering. Packages at this site also include silent disco, hot drinks and a bbq. Find out more here.

If you already have a site in mind, we also offer mobile glamping where we bring the bell tents to you. We also offer this service for weddings which is a hassle free way of hosting your guests overnight. No more late night taxi's or budget hotels.

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