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Top tips for planning a glamping hen party

Do you have a bride who loves the outdoors, is a festival goer but loves a bit of comfort and luxury? A glamping hen party is the perfect way to celebrate!

Here are North Sky Yurts top tips when planning a glamping hen party:

1. Plan your activities in advance

As hen parties are often larger groups, don't leave it until the last minute to plan all the fun stuff. Have a think what the bride might enjoy that makes a good group activity. If she loves singing, get a group karaoke planned in. If she loves dancing, hire a dance teacher to teach you all some moves. If you're thinking of going out-out, make sure you book your taxi's in advance, including the one home as it gives you a meeting point and if you're staying quite a way out of the city it makes it easier to get everyone back safe.

At Birds & Bells, we've pulled together some amazing suppliers that provide a range of activities for you to remove the hassle of searching yourself. From flower crown workshops to a pop-up cinema. Interested in something really specific? - get in touch.

Pink flower crown
Flower Crown Workshop with Walter + Blossom. Photo By Glix Photography

2. Prep for meal times

No one wants a hungry hen! It's difficult to rock up at a cafe or restaurant in a big group so make sure you book ahead. If you're fancying a takeaway, make sure you have one in mind that can deliver to your site. Why not hire a BBQ and assign everyone a role in helping out?

Always make sure you've thought about breakfast. Whether it's bacon baps on the BBQ or having some cereals available - it's the most important meal of the day! Especially if your day is full of activities and drinking.

Lastly, snacks! You can never have too many. Make sure everyone has ample crisps, chocolate and popcorn to keep the hen party fuelled. Also handy for midnight munchies when there are no takeaways near by.

3. Make sure everyone comes prepared

Even though glamping is more luxurious than traditional camping, you are still in a tent in a field. If you're organising a glamping hen party, make sure everyone knows what to expect. At Birds & Bells, we offer a happy glamper leaflet to share with your guests to help them prepare for the weekend and know what to pack.

Think cosy socks and warm pj's for sleeping, waterproof shoes or flip flops for that early morning dew and trip to the loo, an eye mask to stop the early morning sun waking you up and ear plugs to block the sounds of birds in the trees or the snorer of the group.

It's also worth letting everyone in the group know what activities are planned or if you're keeping them secret, give them a kit list so they know what to pack. If you're off on a walk, make sure everyone has comfy shoes and a raincoat (we live in the UK after all). If you're planning some hen olympics let the hens know they need trainers and if you're planning a spa trip, make sure everyone has their swimmers with them!

4. Don't pack too much into the itinerary

When you're planning a weekend away for a big group, it's easy to think you have to fill every spare minute. However, you want to leave time for lounging around in the sunshine (if the weather gods are on your side), chats around the camp fire and for enjoying your surroundings. Some people love a good afternoon nap, others might want to call home - make sure there's some downtime.

It's also important to make sure you give everyone enough time to get ready, especially if everyone will want a shower.

Lastly, don't squeeze in a big lunch just before an intense game of rounders!

Top Tip - Share the itinerary with everyone either digitally or pin a copy in the communal area - it stops everyone coming to you to ask what's next or what time are we eating etc.

5. Get into the festival mood

Glamping and festivals are a match made in heaven so bring the festival vibe to the hen party! Get everyone in their best festival gear, let go of your inhibitions and dance the weekend away in a field with your best friends.

You can set up your own glitter station (eco glitter of course), hire in a mobile bar and get the group involved in one big singalong of the brides favourite song!

If you're looking for somewhere to host a glamping hen party in Yorkshire, check out our pop-up glamping site Birds & Bells.

Available for groups of 20 or more, sleeping in luxury bell tents with a large yurt for gathering. There are cubicle toilets, converted horsebox showers and 'The Cowshed' with power, water and appliances. Open from 15th April 15th 2022 to 22nd May 2022. Get in touch to book now.

If you already have a site in mind, we offer mobile glamping where we bring the bell tents to you. We also offer this service for weddings which is a hassle free way of hosting your guests overnight. No more late night taxi's or budget hotels.

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