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Why Are Yurts Special...

If you’re wondering why you should choose a yurt for your wedding, party, business event or festival then read on.

We often get asked what makes a yurt different to a tipi/teepee or marquee and thought it was time we put pen to paper to tell you why yurts are so special.

Back to where it all began...

Yurts originated in the steppes of Central Asia where they are known as a ‘ger’. They are the traditional round homes of the nomadic people who needed to be able to move around with their herds. The earliest known reference to a yurt was on a bowl dating from 600BC. The nomadic tribes lived the ultimate sustainable lives moving around leaving no trace and using every part of the animal they herded for food and even creating the felt to line their yurts. As they’re circular they can also withstand winds from all directions and stand up to some super cold temperatures – when I stayed in a yurt in Mongolia it dropped to minus 30 degrees! Luckily I'm still here to tell the tale.

In Mongolia, over half the population still live in ‘ger’s’; even in the capital Ulaanbaatar. They are very much part of traditional culture. They take great pride in their yurts and the woodwork is often painted so ornately in bright colours. When I stayed with a family in a yurt, they had two yurts podded together and the living space was very communal. They cook, sleep and live in the same circular space. They’re heated by a wood burning stove with the smoke leaving through the crown. I loved how the family tucked their belongings behind the roof poles which almost acted as shelves. It was here that they stashed the pack of cards we played with every night.

Becca in front of Mongolian yurt
Becca and her favourite stray dog in front of a Mongolian ger

The nomadic people of North America had their own type of yurt known as a tipi/teepee or wigwam. These are a cone-shaped tent but share the same benefit of being easy to put up, take down and move around.

So here are our top 5 reasons why you should hire a yurt for your event.

1. Spiritual

Yurts have an air of spirituality and create really inspiring spaces. The North part of the yurt is considered sacred and is why the door often faces south. We obviously also think the North is special – hence our name! The circular shape of the yurt nods to the circular motion of time and seasons; which are so important to the nomadic people. It’s also signifies the sun which shines through the centre circle or crown. This is also a significant part of the yurt – not just because it’s really beautiful but it allows light into the yurt and at night time you can star gaze. The crown or centre circle is culturally significant too and is even depicted on the Kyrgzstan flag and features in the Kazachstan coat of arms.

The circular shape makes for an intimate event where no one is hidden round a corner or backed against a wall. There is always a central point and makes for a really special space for a wedding ceremony.

2. Versatile

As they’re portable structures, they can be moved anywhere! We can pop them up in your back garden, in the middle of a field, on the lawn in front of a stately home ; wherever you like. We can even help find a site for you. They are adaptable to any type of event. They look beautiful set up for a ceremony with seating either side of the centre, they can be filled with sofa’s and cushions to create a relaxing retreat, they can be used as an energising space for yoga or meditation and they can create magical spaces with a twinkling canopy for dining under the stars. They would be ideal for hosting meetings with the goal to inspire the attendee’s, would make a great seating area for a restaurant or bar and can be used for craft workshops and markets.

We can't wait to be a part of the unusual events that will take place in our yurts!

3. Aesthetic

I’d challenge anyone to step inside a yurt and not raise their eyes to look around in wonder. Even when they are empty the lattice work, roof poles and crown are a feast for the eyes. They are a perfect blank canvas to let your imagination run wild. They can be dressed up with flower rings, disco balls, ivy garlands, fairy lights and ribbon streamers but they can also be left simple and elegant.

Fairy lights on the roof of yurt
Our fairy light canopy in the 18ft yurt

4. Unique

Not many people can say that they got married in a yurt. Or that they had their team meeting in a yurt. Or that they did yoga in yurt. If you are looking for a way to make your event memorable, then a yurt is the perfect showstopper. They are much more inspiring than a standard marquee and because of the wooden structure, you don’t need to mask any metal poles or ropes. The navy blue star also stands out and creates a focal point for your event. They’re ideal for DIY events and allow you to put your own stamp on it whether you convert your yurt into a neon bar or a rustic retreat – you get to make your event about you or your business.

5. They Don’t Cost The Earth

Yurts are a sustainable venue for your event, they’re mostly made from wood and the canvas is long lasting. They have a long lifespan and don’t leave a trace when they’re moved. We also add to this by planting a tree for every booking! They’re also a budget friendly option costing less than the average marquee or tipi. Ideal for DIY events where budgets are more restricted but equally the perfect base to host a luxury event with stylish décor and top suppliers. Check out our 'Hire a Yurt' page for hire prices.

As you can tell, we love yurts and we’re pretty confident that you will too. If you want to talk to us more about yurts, drop us an email and if you want some yurt inspiration check us out on Instagram or Pinterest.

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