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Why you need a mobile bar at your outdoor wedding or festival party

If you're planning an outdoor yurt wedding or a festival party with a glamping village, have you thought about what your guests are going to drink? How to ensure there's enough choice for everyone? How it's going to be kept cool? Or what you're going to serve it in?

It can be tempting to want to put on a bar yourself to either save you or your guests some money but it can end up costing you more and being a zap on your time. We've spoken to Emma from Tchin Tchin Bar to find out the ins and outs of booking a mobile bar for your event.

A bit about Tchin Tchin...

Having a customer service background and a few years of bar work under my belt. My partner, Sam and I started Tchin-Tchin Bar with a vision of being able to help host amazing events regardless of location. All the while not compromising on the level of service our customers receive. This is from first contact, up to last orders and then after the event.

Our luxury bar allows us to serve premium drinks and freshly pulled pints, while set up in the most remote locations. Not a warm flat drink in sight!

Mobile horsebox bar
Tchin Tchin Bar By Sophie Mort Photography

Why add a mobile bar to your outdoor event?

Where do I start? There are so many reasons to add an outdoor bar to any event, this could be to maximise space if there is a limited amount of shelter or indoor space for guests. Especially if it means allowing for a bigger dance floor!

An outdoor bar adds to the aesthetics and can be paired to match the colour pallet and style of the day. For example, a mobile bar such as our trailer bar is ideal for boho inspired weddings. Whereas our new bar would help compliment a rustic or even industrial look.

With a mobile bar that fits perfectly into your big day, it creates a great photo opportunity. Get creative with dressing the bar how you wish. I love it when clients want to personalise the bar, either with florals or other personal touches. As well as great photos in front of the bar, they can hop behind the bar and have some fun pictures taken of them pouring their own drinks.

Hiring a mobile bar takes the pressure off, as we ensure your guests are looked after. Keeping perfectly served drinks flowing throughout the day and night. None of this, attempting to rope in some of the groomsmen to go and fetch more ice, in a desperate bid to stop the beers getting warm. Not to mention restocking throughout the day. Enjoy yourself and leave it to us professionals.

Bride and groom in front of mobile horsebox bar
Couple toasting in front of Tchin Tchin Bar. Photo By Sophie Mort Photography

If a customer wants to book an outdoor bar for their event, what are the important things they should be thinking about?

Check the reviews of the companies you are looking at, are they a reputable and licensed bar provider?

To legally serve alcohol at any location that doesn’t have a premise license, requires temporary events notice (TEN). So, say you are hosting your wedding reception in a yurt set in a field, this will need a TEN as neither the field nor the yurt would have a premise license. Your bar provider should be asking you for details such as location, date, service time and number of attendants in order to apply for the TEN with the relevant local authority. This then needs to be displayed on the day.

Always consider the access, is there a clear way of the bar getting set up in the chosen location.

Does the bar provider have their own power and water supply, if not; can they access it from that location?

Is there enough space for the bar to be set up?

Make sure you double check set up times, how long does the bar need to set up and how long does it take to pack everything back up. It might be that the venue needs them to leave by a certain time.

Bell tent village and mobile horsebox bar
North Sky Yurts Bell Tent Village and Tchin Tchin Bar By Side By Side Weddings

What type of packages do you offer?

We have several different hire options; these can be tailored to suit our client’s needs and even the facilities provided.

Our most popular hire package is our cash bar. Bar hire is £250 and includes set up, staff, bar equipment, licensing, and insurance. Guests then pay for their own drinks during the event, and we require a minimum spend on the day of £750.

We also offer Dry hire at £95 per hour. This is for clients wanting to provide their own alcohol but would like to use our bars to serve it from as well as the staff to help with the service.

Our other hire packages can be found here

We provide individual quotes for things like staff only, or if there is a bar structure already in place at the venue but we need to supply everything else.

For your personalised quote just email and if you want to see what we get up to follow us on Instagram at @tchin_tchin_bar

Last but most important question - what's your favourite cocktail?

I would have to say Margarita! It is my all-time fave!! Must be with salt around the rim and not sugar.

My personal recipe is:

50ml Tequila

25ml Cointreau

25ml Lemon Juice

25ml Lime Juice

25ml Sugar Syrup

Prep your glass by rubbing a slice of lime around the rim, sprinkle kosher salt on a saucer and then sit your upturned glass on the saucer. Give it a little spin to ensure the salt is sticking to the glass.

Add all the ingredients into the shaker with plenty of ice, give it a good shake until the outside of the shaker becomes cold. Then pour your Margarita into your prepared glass and garnish with a slice of lime.

For those hot summer days, it can also be made in the blender to create a refreshing frozen Margarita.

This sounds delicious! Thanks Emma for answering all of our questions!

Make sure you like this blog if it's been useful and drop us a message for other information you think would be helpful.

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