Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions unless otherwise stated at quotation.

1.             Terminology

1.1.       "The business" is North Sky Yurts Ltd, registered in England and Wales with company registration number 12980716, and referred to herein as North Sky Yurts

1.2.       “The Hirer" is the person hiring Equipment from North Sky Yurts.

1.3.       "The Equipment" is all items provided to or hired by the Hirer.

1.4.       "The Period of Hire" means the time commencing with the arrival of the Equipment on site, and terminating when the Equipment is removed by North Sky Yurts.

1.5.       "A Booking" is the contract entered into by the Hirer and North Sky Yurts.

2.            Provision of Equipment

2.1.       North Sky Yurts will provide the wooden yurt structure, canvas and flooring. The Hirer may also wish to hire lighting and furnishings from North Sky Yurts which will be discussed on booking and outlined in the quotation where required.

2.2.       The decision on number of people inside the yurt lies with the Hirer and must not cause over-crowding or risk to individuals.

3.            Payment Terms

3.1.       A 50% deposit of the quoted amount is required to secure a booking. A booking is not secured until the deposit payment is received by North Sky Yurts.

3.2.      By securing a booking, the Hirer is accepting our Terms and Conditions.

3.3.      The final balance must be received by North Sky Yurts 14 days before the first date of hire. If this has not been received, the booking may not be honoured.

3.4.      If the Period of Hire is less than 28 days in the future, the full amount will be payable upon booking.

4.            Cancellation

4.1.       If an event is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, North Sky Yurts will allow the Hirer to move the hire date where this is available (excluding peak weekends such as UK bank holidays). North Sky will not move other Hirer’s dates to accommodate for this eventuality. 

4.2.      If the booking is cancelled due to any other reason, the following payment terms apply:

•           Cancellation more than 28 days before first day of planned hire – the deposit (50% of the hire cost) will not be reimbursed.

•           Cancellation between 28 and 14 days before first day of planned hire – the deposit (50% of the hire cost) will not be reimbursed and a further 25% of the hire cost will be payable.

•           Cancellation less than 14 days before first day of planned hire – 100% of the hire cost will not be reimbursed or any outstanding amounts will remain payable.

4.3.      Any remaining amount will be invoiced to the Hirer which must be paid according to North Sky Yurts payment terms.

4.4.      North Sky Yurts reserves the right to cancel a booking if they believe adverse weather conditions (snowfall, heavy rain, wind speed), presence of livestock that cannot be relocated or site exposure (uneven ground) will make the event an unsafe environment for members of the public / persons attending event and the staff at North Sky Yurts. In these circumstances, the Hirer is responsible for the full payable amount.

5.            Delivery

5.1.       North Sky Yurts will calculate delivery costs from LS8 2BD using the mileage figure provided by Google Maps. This will be detailed in the quote provided to the Hirer.

6.            Weather

6.1.      We monitor weather leading up to a booking and if it is deemed unsafe then North Sky Yurts reserve the right to cancel the booking without prior notice as outlined in our cancellation policy above.

6.2.      In these circumstances, no refund will be provided and the full balance is payable. It is recommended that the Hirer takes out event cancellation insurance to cover eventualities such as this.

6.3.      The Hirer is also required to monitor the weather forecast in order to enact any of the actions agreed regarding the wind plan within the risk assessment.

6.4       North Sky Yurts structures use canvas and as with all temporary structures, this cannot be guaranteed to be water tight in extreme weather conditions.

6.5       In the colder months, condensation may occur within the structure.

7.            Safety

7.1.       North Sky Yurts will undertake a risk assessment upon erection of the Yurt which must be understood and signed by the Hirer.

7.2.      All relevant safety signs will be provided by North Sky Yurts and must be kept visible at all times.

7.3.      All guy ropes securing the yurt to the ground must be kept clear at all times to avoid tripping.

7.4.      North Sky Yurts will provide fire exits signage and all pathways to exits must be kept clear at all times to facilitate a safe exit.

7.5.      North Sky Yurts must be contacted immediately if the Hirer has any concerns on safety.

8.            Site Specification and Set Up

8.1.      The Hirer must provide a flat, well-drained area in good condition for the yurt to be erected. The Hirer must confirm upon booking that this will be available.

8.2.      The yurt cannot be erected on long grass so this must be cut prior to North Sky Yurts arrived on site. Any grass cutting which has to be carried out by North Sky Yurts will be chargeable to the Hirer.

8.3.      North Sky Yurts must be able to get a commercial vehicle within 25 metres of the set- up area. If this is not possible, the Hirer will be charged for any extra time required by North Sky Yurts.

8.4.      Any low hanging branches or cables must not come within 2.5 metres of the yurt structure. Any branches which have to be cut by North Sky Yurts on site will be chargeable to the Hirer.

8.5.      Temporary structures will normally be secured using stakes and the Hirer accepts responsibility for any damage to any Underground Services. Before delivery the Hirer must provide the Company with written confirmation that there are no underground services on the site where the Temporary Structure is to be erected, or provide an accurate plan showing the location of any underground services. If the Hirer doesn’t own the site then it is the Hirer’s responsibility to obtain this written confirmation from the site owner.  If the Hirer is unable to confirm that there are no services then the Company may need to undertake a CAT scan at the Customer’s expense, in order to minimise the risk of injury. CAT scans are not guaranteed to locate all services.

8.6.      The hire does not include attendance by North Sky Yurts at the event. If this is required, then this will be at a cost to the Hirer and must be stipulated at point of booking.

8.7.      North Sky Yurts do not supply power for any items in or around the yurt.

8.8       North Sky Yurts will not make good any repairs to the site unless caused by the negligence of its staff.

9.            The Hirers responsibilities

9.1.       The Hirer must be present before the set up begins (or provide a representative) to agree on the position of the yurt. If no one is available, North Sky Yurts will set up the yurt in the position they deem most suitable and if this is then to be moved, it will be at a cost to the supplier.

9.2.      The Hirer (or designated representative) must be present for a handover briefing once the yurt has been erected, including the safety checklist and risk assessment.

9.3.      The Hirer must allow for enough time for North Sky Yurts to set up the yurt prior to an event taking place. Yurt set up can take up to 3 hours and the Hirer must be aware of this to allow planning for other event services to set up. A suitable time will be agreed between the Hirer and North Sky Yurts to arrive on site prior to the hire date.

9.4.      Any lighting or gas/electrical items must not be affixed to the yurt without prior permission from North Sky Yurts. This is to ensure the yurt canvas does not catch fire or become scorched.

9.5.      There must be no naked flames under any circumstances used within the yurt or within 5 metres of the structure.

9.6.      The Hirer or any persons must not tamper with the yurt in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, adjusting guy ropes, moving the wooden structure and adjusting the canvas.

9.7.      The Hirer must ensure the yurt doors are kept closed and locked when it is not in use.

9.8.      The Hirer must ensure all equipment (except the yurt canvas itself) provided by North Sky Yurts is kept safe and dry.

9.9.      The Hirer must not hang any decorations or items from the yurt structure or canvas without the prior permission of North Sky Yurts.

9.10.    The Hirer must ensure there is no smoking taking place or flammable materials present inside or within 5 metres of the yurt.

9.11.     If lighting is required, the Hirer must provide a working power source to the site of the yurt at the time of erection so that North Sky Yurts can test the lights before leaving site. If power is not available at the time of erection and lights are subsequently found to be faulty then a reasonable call out charge to replace them may apply. 

10.          Loss or Damage

10.1.     During the hire period, the Hirer is fully responsible for the safe keeping of all North Sky Yurts equipment.

10.2.    The Hirer is responsible for any damage to the yurt including, but not limited to, staining/tearing of the canvas, snapping of wooden structure, excessive soiling of the canvas, snapping of guy ropes or damage to the doors.

10.3.    The Hirer must notify North Sky Yurts of any unacceptable equipment before staff leave the set up site. No refunds will be given after a hire period has taken place.

10.4.    North Sky Yurts will not be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any personal items whilst using the yurt.

10.5     It is strongly recommended that The Hirer takes out events insurance to cover any damage to the yurts and any property of North Sky Yurts.

11.            Third Party Liability

11.1.     North Sky Yurts is not responsible and will not be held liable for any damage to third party equipment, property or harm to persons in any scenario unless it is proven to be as a result of faulty materials or negligence by North Sky Yurts. The Hirer will indemnify North Yurt Yurts against this.

12.           Force Majeure

12.1.     In no event shall North Sky Yurts be responsible or liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond its control, including, without limitation, strikes, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes or acts of God. Hirers will be liable for the full hire fee in the event of force majeure.