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Dealing with rain on your wedding day

Our second guest blog is by the talented duo, Benni Carol Photography Two Italian sisters specialising in outdoor and destination weddings. We've been a fan of theirs since we started on Instagram as they put sustainability at the heart of their business and create some of the most beautiful photographs.

We'll hand over to the experts to share their wisdom and advice on planning for rain on your wedding day.

'One of the first thoughts a couple have in mind when they start planning their wedding is: “what if it rains?”. And frankly, this is pretty much the very first question we get asked too, together with “we are very shy in front of the camera, how will you deal with it?” Any other wedding photographer out there that can relate at all?!

The amazing thing about hiring professionals on your wedding day, is that every single unpleasant issue that might come up, will be covered, professionally.

Rain is a bit of a pain, nobody really wants to have a rainy wedding, but there are many ways one can deal with it on the actual day of the wedding and many ways to plan in advance.

As photographers specialising in outdoor weddings, we often have to deal with very wet days. Coming prepared for potential rain at the wedding will always make the difference, so while it is true that you cannot predict and control the weather, it is equally true that there are little things you can control that will make all the difference!

So let’s see together what you can do, both during the lead-up to the day and on the day itself.

1) Let’s pretend it will actually rain!

If you are having an outdoor wedding, planning for rain shouldn't just be in the back of your mind. A good practice is actually to pretend that you WILL have a wet wedding. You won’t probably put in action any of the back up plans you thought of, but in case you will have to, you can be reassured there won’t be any room for panicking!

Picture yourself in the situation and try to think in advance of the potential issues rain could cause and have those covered. Are you planning to have an outdoor ceremony? Is there an alternative option at the venue that can provide a shelter? For example, are you planning to have a shady area for a very hot and sunny day? Can that become a potential plan B in case of rain?

2) Keep your guests informed

This is actually always good practice! Keep your guests informed: it is essential that they know that the wedding will be outdoors, that there might be a chance of rain and that in that case they will have to wear a proper outfit. You might advise them to take their umbrellas with them and maybe sturdier shoes and a warm jacket. Little tip: have you considered having a website? As destination wedding photographers, we have come to LOVE wedding websites! In fact, we always suggest our couples have one: with just one click you can convey so much information and in real time, which is so important, especially when it comes to any last minute communication!

3) Hire a Yurt!

Whether you are planning an intimate outdoor wedding or a bigger day, hiring a yurt or a tipi tent is just the right thing to do! If it doesn’t rain, you can still have all your wedding set outdoors and move inside the yurt when it gets more chilly, maybe for the dancing and evening party. In case it rains instead, you will have a very handy, beautiful and valuable plan B!

4) Don’t let the rain ruin your day!

You are getting married, you are having one of the happiest days of your life and finally celebrating the union with the person you fell in love with! As cheesy as it might sound, no matter what happens, the important thing is that you are together.

Our motto is, “focus on meaning rather than stuff”, who needs an Instagram or Pinterest worthy wedding if it makes us too stressed out to even enjoy it? When planning your day, make sure to prioritise those meaningful things that will make you feel good and happy. Rain will then only be one other thing that is happening on your day, don’t give it the power to ruin it!

5) Have fun and trust your photographer!

Last but surely not least, don’t forget to have fun and to trust your photographer! As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, hiring a professional will give you that peace of mind that will allow you to simply enjoy your day and let your suppliers do what they do best! When we photograph a rainy wedding, we constantly monitor the weather on the day. We have learnt over the years to shoot very fast and get those essential outdoor shots even when the odds are against us. Never did it happen that we didn’t manage to take pictures of our couples outdoors, even on proper stormy weather days! And remember, rain often creates a light and atmosphere that are simply beautiful and unique.

A couple of tips you should keep in mind:

- Make sure you get a nice pair of wellies or boots that you can wear during your photos.

- Take an umbrella that you can use as a prop, avoid black if possible!

- Think about a jacket or a blanket that can go over the dress and would look good in the pictures.

- When it comes to hair and makeup, think of a style that could work in case of windy and wet weather.

- ENJOY and never lose your smile!

Benni Carol Photography is a team of two Italian sisters who specialise in outdoor and destination weddings. They are really passionate about environmental and climate change issues and they have made sustainability the central focus of the way they run their business.

They have recently founded the Benni Carol's Eco Wedding Suppliers Network, a directory of ethical and eco-friendly wedding vendors to help every couple wishing to plan a wedding in a more sustainable and socially conscious way.'

Thanks Benni & Carol, some really helpful advice, particularly the bit about hiring a yurt; especially if it's a Yorkshire wedding.

Do you have any further tips you'd like to share about dealing with rain on your wedding day?

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