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Top five tips to get the best photos at your outdoor wedding

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Hands up if you love an outdoor wedding! *raises hand* Whether in a yurt, tipi, marquee or field, if you long for that outdoor feeling for your wedding day and amazing photos to remember it all, then read on. We asked wedding photographer Scott Carney from Scott Carney Photography for his top five tips to get the best from your wedding photos.

Tip 1: Preparation is key. Before you even book a photographer, do your research. Are they familiar with the challenges of outdoor weddings in the UK? If it rains what will you do about group photos and couple photos (if you want them of course?). (See our other blog 'Dealing with Rain on Your Wedding Day') Look at weddings they have photographed in outside spaces and structures such as yurts. They can be very different to a stately home or other setting and the photographer should be aware of the challenges in terms of weather/lighting etc. Also ensure you clarify exactly what you want to get to avoid any disappointment after the day. Are you planning a big party and want all the late night shenanigans captured? Make sure you hire a photographer who stays late.

Tip 2: Flexibility can be your best friend. Weather and light are mostly out of your control on the day, however if you ensure your wedding timeline has flexibility built in you can work any essential group photos around the day. Especially in the summer when you have loads of daylight to play with. As a side note, group photos or posed photos later in the day can be much nicer light-wise, although rounding everyone up as the day progresses can be a challenge (check out tip 4 to help with this). Speak to your photographer and venue / other suppliers when you are planning your timings if possible, as this will cut out a lot of stress on the day.

Tip 3: Get the kids involved! If you are having children at your wedding, they will most likely run around, play and be very excited. This is great to see and of course fun to photograph. However it will often leave a few shirts untucked, stains and crazy hair. So if you want those pictures of the kids looking smart then factor time to get them early. Then you can relax as they run wild and make a mess without worry.

Tip 4: Employ your wedding party. I have mentioned the weather and photos above, but one tip to massively save both time and stress with formal group photos is to use your bridesmaids / groomsmen for help. Pick one or two people who between them know the majority of your guests and use them to help your photographer round people up. Also consider if you really need a huge list of group photos, natural photos are often more treasured and a good documentary photographer will capture many funny, real moments and interactions. Would you rather have a photo of your nan letting loose on the dance floor or standing staring at the camera?

Tip 5: Work out what’s important to you in remembering your big day. Imagine viewing your wedding photos in 10 years time, what will you treasure most? You don’t have to spend hours posing or stress about getting all the photos on a list you found on the internet. Trust your photographer and try to laugh about whatever a UK outdoor wedding throws at you. The photos will reflect the fun and real nature of your wedding and I promise will be much more valuable to you in years to come.

To summarise, it’s important you research and ask any potential photographer questions you have to make sure they’re right for you. Hiring the right photographer for the style of photo you love is key to ensuring you ultimately get the photos you want. Trust your photographer and other suppliers on the day and discuss the timeline with them so you can relax and enjoy the day. Finally employ your wedding party to help save time and stress with any group photos.

You can find out more about Scott Carney Photography on his website:

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